School Spirits: hand made spirit slates that look the part!

Winning Bid: $95.00

These look like real spirit slates would look. Complete with the special routine. New. Hand made in 2014 and this package no longer available.  See below for manufactures comments on Magi Cafe. 7×9 inches.

Estimate $100-200

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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I’ve long wanted to add a slate routine to my repertoire — the white chalk on a black slate creates a strong, ghostly visual. I also had an idea for a routine that made the slates a logical component and would work well for any audience, from school shows to seances. Slates played an important part in school as well as spiritualism and properly introduced will not seem out of place in the modern era.

But I’ve found the slates commercially available to magicians tend not to look anything like the genuine article, certainly not a century-old school slate that might or might not be haunted. So I decided to make my own. I soon found it was nearly as easy to make 6 as it was one, so I decided to share the others with the magical community. I suspect I’m not the only mystery performer looking for a realistic slate and a practical routine.

I did the routine at Denny’s in Baltimore last night and he bought five from me and has them for sale. He sold one last night but had four left. He doesn’t have it on his site yet, but you can contact him by phone or email and ask about Marc Charisse’s slates if your interested.

I made all six as though they were for me, and kept the one I liked the least. These came out very nicely and if the reaction is as good as it was last night, I will certainly make so e more. questions are welcome, and if someone wants to start a discussion of slate methods and psychology, I’d love to share what I’ve learned in this process. School Spirits comes with two genuine stone and wood slates, hand aged, performance script, handling tips, suggestions for further reading, even a box of chalk and boy’s handkerchief to wipe the boards.
Please pm me with questions or post them here, but if you want a set of the remaining 4, please contact Denny directly.


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