Self Priming Pump of Louis Histed: Magikraft Studios rare


Louis Histed Self Priming Pump built by Eric Lewis of Magikraft Studios.  A elegant stemmed piece of glassware full of liquid is covered momentarily with a wooden tube and lid.  When removed the glass is empty.  This comes with a letter from Martin Lewis to the original  owner indicating that only 7 were to be made. With original instructions in  good condition. There are a couple of light stains on the tray as shown.  The bottom of the tray appears to have been repainted the original black color.  The instructions call for a pair soft teeth pliers to take off the plug foot but it is not there and is not necessary as it can be easily removed with your hand. One of the ball feet is scratched as some idiot tried to take a pair of pliers to it and he was trying to remove the wrong foot (I put a black dot on it so you now know).  The unit has been tested by me and works perfectly with no leaks or problems. Even with With its  faults it is an extremely rare piece of apparatus you are not likely to see again with only 7 made. Highly desire able for any collection no mater how advanced.  Someone is going to get a good deal!

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