Serial Killer 2.0 by Max Krause: long unavailable


Without a doubt one of the strongest mentalism effects that can be performed.  Max Krause was a genius who left us much to early. This effect is one of his  best creations. Brand new in original packaging.

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The performer removes a large quantity of US paper currency from his wallet (25-30 bills).Randomly distributing the bills to three spectators which are thoroughly mixed.  Each spectator is asked to choose 1 bill from his group and return the remaining bills to the performer..

The first spectator is asked to call aloud the letter and first three digits in the serial number on his bill. The second spectator is asked to call out the middle two digits of the serial number on his bill. The last spectator is asked to call out the last three digits and the last letter of the serial number on his bill creating a phantom serial number on a bill that up to this point did not exist.

Now the performer points to a sealed envelope hanging from the ceiling (held by a spectator or any other means of display).  The contents of the envelope are removed and contain a prediction which match the phantom number just created exactly!  Not only that but the envelope also contains a singe $1 bill that matches the exact serial number just created randomly only moments ago!  A truly incredible revelation!

Contains everything you need to perform this incredible miracle.

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