Sewell Block On Rod and Norman Block Vanish: Paul Lembo: Only 4 made! Large size!


Wonderfully constructed effect by Paul Lembo.  The Se well block vanish is one of the most ingenious props ever invented as a solid 6 inch square block appears threaded on an examinable brass rod in a completely empty box.  This is complemented by the Norman Block Vanish which is an explainable vanish of a block from under a open frame. In the vanish effect  a solid block is shown all around and placed on a pedestal.  It is covered by a shell which has openings making he block visible. The top is placed on the block and when removed the block has vanished from under the see through cover! Combining this with the Sewell block on rod it then appears suspended the rod in the empty box!

Beautifully done and functions perfectly. Only 4 built. We are selling this rare item it for less than the original price from the manufacturer! Truly a rare and wonderful item. The size of the block on rod cabinet is 18×12.5×7 inches.  The vanishing pedestal is 16 inches tall. The block is 6 inches square. Only 4 in the world!

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