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New never used. See below for description.

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“Billy McComb would be proud.”– Larry Becker

Steve Schieszer’s DVD Dissertation remains a popular effect from his performances. Now available to other magicians, this magic trick/mental magic trick is built upon the solid foundation of the well known McCombical Prediction Deck.

Billy McComb utilized playing cards and also reproductions of classic art for his comedy magic trick. Now, this variation utilizes real, genuine DVD Rental Cards.

The magician invites two spectators to the Performing Area. They stand at Stage Right and Stage Left, respectively.

Spectator A is asked to look away while the magician shows a fan of about 8 DIFFERENT Movie Cards to everyone else. One is selected, and cut to the top of the stack. Spectator A is asked to hold this card while Spectator B also looks at a stack of about 8 Movie cards.

The magician explains that they might be able to prove that “great minds think alike” by somehow choosing the same movie. As he say’s this, everyone but Spectator A is shown that ALL the cards in Set B are identical. The spectator touches the back of ANY card. The magician even offers to cut and change the order of the cards. Comedy potential, as everyone is let in on the “secret” (method) except Spectator A.

Again, the freely selected card is cut to the top of the stack and held by Spectator B. In a very “magical twist, Spectator A names a completely different movie when asked to name the movie on her card! Not wanting to disprove that “great minds think alike”, the magician solves the problem when Spectator B shows their card and it has also changed to MATCH the first card!

Each set is custom made from a wide variety of genres, all popular/well known movies.

“I wish I had this back when I was performing at Disneyland. A great idea for a classic trick.”– Dana Daniels

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