Stunning circa 1910 table: extremely well built and a three well unusual top!


Circa 1910 nickel over brass table with 3 well top.

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This is a one of the nicest tables you will find.  It is very well built and collapses down for carry.   It is a solid table.  Look at the close ups of the construction.  You cannot find this workmanship today!  The same period top top is incredible with 3 separate wells.  The wells them selves unhook to remove the items you have placed in them (see photo).  The well covers fit tight so this is necessary.  The wells are the two circles and one of the rectangular patterns (rear one).  This is a very special table. Even the flange on this table is unique.  Highest of quality!  i am sure these tables will shine like new money of that is what you want. I have left the original patina. We believe these tables are Hamley’s based upon catalogue photos.

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