Tabman Jumbo Card Guillotine (improved version): no longer available


This is the improved version of the Tabman card guillotine (the last version he made).  Tabby Crab was a master builder who passed away in 2011. This was one of his finest creations.

The jumbo card guillotine is an impressive prop standing 23 inches tall.  The blade is highly polished brass and the houlette in this version is actually secured via a hooking mechanism to the upright guillotine itself.  The houlett  also has a magnetized lock for perfect performance every time.

The effect is a spectator selects a jumbo card and returns it into the deck where it is mixed. The deck is placed into a wooden houlette and placed under the blade of a guillotine.  The blade is released and the falls into the deck of cards. The houlette opens and falls forward with part of the deck.  There just behind the blade staring at the audience is the chosen card.  It may be signed if you wish!

This is a finely crafted item never to be seen again. It is hallmarked.  The blade again is highly polished brass which is very hard to photograph Used little if any. Complete with a cloth cover for the guillotine.

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