Talking Miniature Skull


You can remove a deck of cards from the box  and have one selected. Place the skull on the box.  After a few failed attempts. you ask the skull to help and he immediately and in a spooky voice names the card.

This is a universal gimmick that can be used for multiple effects.  What you get is a box with a hidden speaker/recorder system below its false bottom. You can record any message up to 20 seconds.

When the skull is placed in the center of the top of the box, the voice activates. You can have it setting anywhere else on the top of the box and it will not activate. To activate it again just move it to the upper right corner. A nicely built box with a magnetic embedded skull activates the voice.

The voice itself can be played normally if you wish or with a simple flip of a switch, activate the spooky voice that will distort the voice making it sound eerie. Tested and functioning correctly (you will hear my test message when you get it!).  Only one I have ever seen. With instructions. Appears to be unused.  The box is 4.5×3.75×2.5 inches. Skull is 2.25 inches tall.

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