A beautiful Okito inspired effect from Michael Baker.

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A decorative tea canister, approximately 5” high is shown. A small item is borrowed from the audience, and placed into the tea canister, as witnessing proof as to what is about to happen.

Also seen, are two tubes, each about 7″ high, large enough to completely cover the tea canister. Their emptiness is demonstrated by passing the tea canister through each of them, as well as allowing a view through them.

The tea canister is covered with one of the tubes, while the other is set a short distance away. Upon command, the tea canister is suddenly seen in the previously empty tube. A magical transposition! The canister is opened and the borrowed item inside is verified and given back to the owner.

To allay suspicion, the other tube is now lifted, and it is revealed to contain a small cordial glass, which may be filled with liquid, if desired.

The tubes are again shown to be empty.

Comes complete with instructions.

New, never used, excellent condition.

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