Ted Lesley’s Bending Wineglass Verison II: Wonder Workshop Berlin: one of the most amazing performance pieces you can do


Ted closed his set with this effect. Once you do this it cannot be followed up!  Watching the glass bend is truly eerie. The glass can bend with or without being filled with wine. It is important to note this is not the clockwork version but the electronic version controlled by a microprocessor and an electronic motor.  Only a literal handful were made. The features of this version is the microprocessor which provides the precise movement and shutoff for the effect to work properly.  It has a led light that assures you you have launched the effect properly. It has a 0-120 second adjustable delay allowing you to set the bending movement to your precise patter.

This comes with two matching books one gimmicked and one ungimmicked. In the accompanying manuscript Ted gives you a book test to do with this book which introduces the ungimicked book into the show.

The very detailed manuscript covers everything including performance tips, staging tips etc.  It also shows you how to prepare the glasses so you can actually use a hotel glass if you wish.

The original effect did not come with glasses but we are including three glasses: one already gimmicked and two ungimmicked. Tested and ready to go! Appears to have seen little use if any.

If you desire only the finest, then this is it!

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