Thayer’s Creeping Pips by John Daniel: Only 8 made!


This was constructed by master craftsman John Daniel. John owned Owen magic for a period of time along with Carl Owen.  He work as a craftsman is outstanding! By the way, for those of you who are aware of the “Thayer” skeleton tables crafted by John we have just acquired a center and two side table set (one of 10 ever made) and they will be for sale  our site soon for $950.  If you want them email me and save me the trouble of listing. They will go fast.

This is a great trick and I have tried to show what happens in the photos. The magician shows a two and an 8 of diamonds front and back.  He paces the eight on the left of a beautiful stand and the two on the right end.  He then turns the cards around so the backs face the audience.  Suddenly 6 individual pips visibly move across the stand from the 8 side to the two side where they vanish into the two.  The two cards are now turned around and the two is now the eight and the eight is the two.  The cards are handed to be examined!

Someone wrote me a number of months ago asking for this trick. I cannot find the email so i hope this listing finds you.  It is very rare as only eight were ever made.  Mint condition.

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