The Badger Wallet by Bob Mason: unused and no longer available :Hand made by Tony Miller


One of the finest wallets around. Many advantages over similar wallets. It is the best of Mullica and Kaps Wallets combined.  No longer available. Complete in original packaging.

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After 25 years of making and designing leather wallets, you would think you would have seen everything. How wrong can you be? Tony Miller’s Badger wallet has a hidden secret which is lethal.

Imagine a gimmick that’s not a gimmick, no magnets, no gimmick cards, no sticky glue, nothing and I MEAN NOTHING. The actual leather itself is THE GIMMICK.

It is very rare to come across a new principle, a genuine new concept. The Badger wallet is just that. You will love doing “the move”.  It’s addictive.

Get ready to fool yourself.

Every wallet is hand-made by Tony from this incredible leather.

The Badger is a Mullica No Palm wallet with a real difference. The leather does all the work for you. No breaks, no add on’s; simply glide the wallet over the deck and IT’S DONE.

You can even put the wallet down onto a table, bar top, close up pad etc., slide the wallet and still the signed card will remain in place.

The inside, smaller wallet of the Badger also has unique properties. Never before could you handle this so freely.

The inside slit locks and holds the card in place…… genius.

There’s more, the Badger is also a Kaps wallet. You can palm and load any signed card, business card, driver’s license, finger ring etc into the other side of the wallet.

I highly recommend the Badger wallet, it fits right into your pocket. It can be used as your regular wallet.

You will always have a top class prop, that is ALWAYS READY.

Comes complete with wallet and DVD.

DVD chapters feature


Performance (Mark’s Blank Ambitious routine)

The Principle


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