The Di Vinci Zone: Todd Karr’s Black Rabbit Magic: long unavailable and this one in the Mfg. Wrap


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“The Da Vinci Zone – A mind-blowing book test with The Da Vinci Code! Featuring Max Maven’s latest booklet, Exploring the Zone, Max’s technical guide to The Da Vinci Zone. No gimmicked books. Multiple word revelation. Easy, convincing handling. Built-in safeguard
The Da Vinci Zone is powerful, hip mind-reading, just in time for the movie The Da Vinci Code!
Give your spectator a choice of three popular books. He ends up with Dan Brown’s best-selling The Da Vinci Code (thanks to our simple but surefire force). Have anyone call out a page number from 1 to 454. He can choose any page. The spectator turns to that page and looks at the first line. With just a blank piece of paper and a pen, you concentrate and silently jot down a few notes. You now dramatically announce to the spectator the first word in the line. You concentrate again and correctly tell him a second major word in that line.
Believe it or not, you can now proceed to a second phase and have the spectator concentrate on the opposite page. In a breathtaking climax, you now reveal two words on that page as well!
The paper is really blank and totally normal. In fact, we provide you with a method in which you don’t have to write down anything!
No phony-looking force books: You’re using a real Da Vinci Code and not suspicious fake books no one’s heard of.
No page force: Any page number can be chosen.
No word force: The spectator doesn’t have to be steered to “the longest word” as in other ploys.
No memorization: The diabolical device does all the work for you!
No awkward moments: The system tells you if a page is the start of a chapter, so you can tell the person to ignore the headings and concentrate on the first line of text. If a line begins with a hyphenated word, you’ll know that, too!
No bulky gimmicks or sleight-of-hand: You can borrow the piece of need for clipboards or slates, and no fake dust jackets. No palming required. Nothing to get rid of, because the secret is hidden in plain sight!_
No anagrams or fishing: You just directly divine the text from the book. Why monkey around guessing letters or asking the spectator for information?
No meaningless predictions: You’re working with interesting literature, not some amateur writer’s words.
No set routine: The words are different every time you perform. You can also customize your routine by using fewer words or working with additional pages.
The Da Vinci Zone comes to you complete with an actual hardbound edition of The Da Vinci Code, a copy of Max Maven’s Exploring the Zone technical manual, the devious custom-made device, and the Black Rabbit Girls Collectors’ Card number 4. A professional routine worth every penny to the working performer!

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