The Epitome Board by Richard Osterlind


The mentalist shows a large slate which has three binder clips attached at the top. He has a spectator think of his name or his initials. The mentalist writes something on the space under the first clip with a piece of chalk and then secures his prediction by clipping a heavy plastic card over the written-on area with the binder clip. The assisting spectator calls out his initials or name and this information is recorded in the area under the prediction. Now, a second spectator thinks of a word or geometric shape (or any other category desired). The performer makes another prediction in the area under the center clip. Once again, the prediction is secured with a binder clip and the assistant names the word or design. The whole procedure is repeated a third time with the mentalist predicting either a number or the amount of change in a spectator’s pocket. The predictions are finally uncovered and it is discovered that all three are absolutely correct. Performed free of forces, psychological outs, or stooges and everything is ungimmicked and examinable. With instruction manual, slate, clips, and cards. Excellent condition. The board is 12×16 inches.

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