The Growing Ball by Paul Lembo #1 of 6


We recently sold one of these on our site and I certainly never thought I would own another but here it is!  The effect is not only visually stunning but fun to watch and perform.

A small bail is produced at the fingertips and placed into a square cabinet on a pedestal. At the magician’s command the 3/4 inch ball visibly grows to a 4 inch ball and is then removed from the cabinet!  This is based on an Oktio growing ball cabinet and is decorated in the Okito type tradition.  Functions beautifully and is 17 inches tall.

We have taken progressive photos as the ball begins to grow. Although a stage trick the iris is razor thin and it looks good from only a few feet away. The final picture has the ball at about half its final growth size.

Hallmarked by Mr. Lembo and is marked as #1 of the six produced.  We have priced it less than its original cost.

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