The Improved Wessex Tea Chest Box: only 12 made

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The Wessex Die Box made by Supreme in the 1980’a has become an extremely desirable collectors piece that is very difficult to find. This version made by Limited Editions Magic and Paul Lembo has many improvements over the original version.

The effect is an oriental small tea chest is shown and placed into a tube.   The tea chest vanishes and appears in a beautiful two door box. The box vanishes from the box and sucker by play occurs as with a die box.  To prove the tea chest has vanished the top is taken off the box with a flourish (there are hand holds on the bottom of the box to allow you to hold it in your hand) and an entire tray is produced with small Saki glasses and a large bottle of Saki (could be tea) is in the center of the tray (waiter style)!  The bottle is twice as tall as the box it came from!   The bottle is removed form the tray and the glasses are filled.  If you  wish the tea chest can be reproduced form the tube.

This is a stunning production and seen in person delivers an immediate applause cue!   Now for the improvements over the original:

  1. The bottle makes it a great effect since it is much taller than the box it came from! No bottle with the original.
  2. The box and top lock together!  The original’s top is loose and just sets over the edge of the box.  It could be a little unstable to perform. This one locks solid until you are ready to release.  You can even pick up the box from the ball handle on the top of the chest!
  3. You can remove and pour from the bottle up to 6 ounces filling each glass. Glasses can be removed from the tray for washing or drinking!
  4. The tea chest makes sense with the effect.
  5. The cloth covering the tray is water repellent so even if you spill liquid it will not stain!
  6. The two door cabinet has locking doors!

This is a wonderful effect that a great deal of thought went into.  I have ran it through its paces and everything works perfectly!  It is in excellent condition as shown. The two door box is 10.5x9x6 inches.  As with most everything we list, we only have this one!

Comes with the original Wessex Die box Instructions and Video instruction for this unit!


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