The Incredible Robert Houdin Blooming Orange Tree by Paul Lembo: only 6 were made all pre-sold to top collectors


Paul Lembo’s amazing Robert Houdin Orange tree!  See video for performance.

The photo in the listing is s somewhat embellished stock photo. .  The tree in the video is the exact tree you will receive.  There are 5 blooming oranges just as in the the video.  The tree is here in Springboro Ohio and will need to be shipped by truck.  We can arrange for packaging at a cost or you can have it picked up and packed by your preferred company. Carrier is your expense.  We can help if desired.


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If you are looking for something extraordinary this is it.  It is the Blooming Orange tree by Paul Lembo.  Six were made and were all sold to major collectors before the first one was ever finished!

The effect is the same as the Houdin Orange Tree.  A ladies ring is borrowed and vanished.  Attention is called to an orange tree without oranges or blooms. The magician cast a shadow and the tree begins to bloom with beautiful flowers.  The flowers give way to a hint of Orange that starts to appear on the bush.  The orange is growing until full size oranges appear on the bush. Finally an orange appears at the top of the bush and in a beautiful moment splits open and out fly two butterflies holding a lace ladies hanky.  They fly upward until the full length of the hanky is exposed with the missing ring firmly tied with ribbon to the center of the hanky.   The ring is removed and given to the spectator to verify it is her ring.  How does it get any better (or more theatrical) than that!

I was at Paul’s shop when he was building these and the workmanship that went into them was simply old world incredible. They are made of brass and copper and the oranges and cups hand turned on a lathe.  The skeleton was something beautiful to see. I purchased one on on the spot.

Paul chose three methods of driving the automaton (that is what it really is) using the old method of glass beads for one movement, clockwork for another and still a battery powered motor for another. All blend into a uniquely functioning and reliable prop.

We can arrange for packing and shipping st your expense. It is large as you can see in the video.  Still if you want something that no incredible that no one else has, this is waiting for you. In like new condition.I cannot say enough about this creation. I think it is Paul’s crowning Jewell.  So take a look at the video and you will see an amazing piece of apparatus. Imagine seeing this in your show or living room instead of the creator’s workshop!


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