The Magic of Robert Harbin (rare) and the book RW Harbin by Martin breeze: Doc Mossey Collection

$800.00 $499.00

This one of the most sought after magic books of recent history. Only 500 copies were made and then Harbin destroyed the plates. It contains all of Haribn’s wonderful illusion ideas including the Zig Zag girl see content below).

There are some issues with this copy and that is why the significantly reduced price of this book.

  1. Someone glued something into the front of the book and then removed it leaving some glue residue (see Photo)
  2. The first four pages have a faint crease in them on the lower right hand corner (see photo).
  3. The signature page has been neatly removed form the book .

Other than those faults (the last being significant) the book is in very good condition.  I guarantee it is an original Harbin and not a rip off copy.

It is being sold with the Martin Breeze book RW Harbin which is a transcript of a Breese interview with Harbin. The book was designed to match the Harbin book

The Harbin Book book should be $1,500 but I am selling this one along with the breeze book for less than half price of $800 for both.  the Harbin book is sold as is except for the fact that I guarantee it is the original. The Breese book is in as new condition.

The books are from the collection of Doctor Richard Mossey.

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The Index of illusions in the Magic of Robert Harbin is as follows:

  • The Vanishing Vase and Flowers
  • Harbin’s Vanishing Radio
  • Harbin’s Folding Trolly
  • The R.H. Cigarette Routine
  • The R.H. Rope Routine
  • Harbin’s Torn and Restored Newspaper
  • Drinka Pinta
  • Cage to Bouquet or The Ever Vanishing Birdcard
  • My Lady’s Ring
  • Harbin’s Packaway Tables
  • Upside-Down Production Box
  • Super X Plus
  • Harbin Chair Suspension
  • The Magic Carpet
  • Super Simplex Levitation
  • Beer Barrel Penetration
  • Head Off
  • Experiment 13
  • R.H. Sww Saw (Visible Sawing Through)
  • Topsy Turvey
  • Take it Away
  • Little by Little
  • The Zig-Zag Girl
  • The Great Book Test
  • The Knight’s Tour
  • Master Plan
  • Vana, the Living Plant
  • The Red Hands
  • The Hands of Dracula
  • The Space Wheel
  • Petra
  • The Invisible Man (or Out of this World)
  • The Wizard of OZ
    • The Ruby Shoes
    • The Cauldron
    • The Mutilated Straw Man
    • The Vanishing Witch
    • The Sentry Box
  • Last Word (If Ever a Wiz there Woz)
  • Last Last Word
  • Will o’ the Wisp
  • Copy of Agreement
  • Other Books by the Author

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