The Mini Cyclops Box by Martin Breese and Magic Wagon


AN unbelievable prop developed by Martin Breese and made by Magic wagon.  Highest of quality. As new never used. Long sold out.

The box is 5.5×4.75×4.

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From Mr Breeze’s Website

The Mini Cyclops Box is a smaller version of the original Cyclops Box!  I had it made in Thailand by Magic Wagon who make the finest magic props in the world.  This is not just a magic prop but in my opinion a work of art. The Mini Cyclops Box is small enough to enable it to be used for close-up work and table-hopping.  It measures The Mini Cyclops Box is small enough to enable it to be used for close-up work and table-hopping.  It measures 14.5cms x 10cms x 11cms.

If you are not familiar with the Cyclops Effect this is what it is all about.   Anything placed in the box by a spectator can be divined by the performer and he does not need to touch the box at all.  One of the easiest effects is as follows:  A pack of cards is shuffled and placed in the box.  The top card is stared at by the spectator, remembered and the lid of the box is closed. Instantly the performer knows the selected card.   The box does not work by radio control or anything like that and uses a principle rarely used in magic.  In fact I am not aware of any other magic item that works using the same principle.  The idea was inspired by my love for model toy theatres as a child.

The box can be used for a psychometry effect.  Personal items are placed in inside and the magician can say what the items are and who owns them. There are so many uses for the box and a few are included in the instructions which are packed with color photographs.  The instructions are almost a book with nearly 5000 words on eleven A4 pages.

I do not like to reveal how magic tricks or props work and it is hard for me to list the several improvements that the Mini Cyclops Box offers. The Secret is used in both boxes.  In the larger box the Cyclops Principle starts when the lid is opened or closed but in the Mini Cyclops the Cyclops Principle is under greater control by the magician.  Certain operations can be started before the show starts or when the magician handles or the spectator handles the box.  Cyclops Box owners will know what I am talking about i.e. more control and a couple more options. Now for the first time the box can be handled or even held by the spectators.

Owners of the original Cyclops Box have been generous with their comments:

“In 21 years of travelling the world performing comedy Mentalism, this is one of the smartest effects I’ve seen.  I received it this morning; it’s in the act tonight.  Awesome job Martin.” Steve Legg.

“I just received the Cyclops Box today and wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for a great item!  What a clever idea!  There is so much you can do with this box.” Mark Kiyabu, Hawaii

And from Ken Brooke’s favourite student:  “A fabulous new idea in magic with endless possibilities, made even more practical with the smaller version. I now have the full size box on my mantelpiece ready for an impromptu miracle. If you can’t come up with some mind-blowing magic with this prop you should trade in your wand and become a juggler! ” Nick Lewin, Las Vegas, USA

Steve Cook has said it all so much better than I could ever do. Unlike me he is impartial and has nothing to gain from praising the box.  Here is his review.  My sincere thanks to Steve.

The Mini Cyclops Box

By Martin Breese

Reviewed by Steve Cook

 The Mini Cyclops Boxis a close-up version of the original larger Cyclops Box invented and marketed by Martin Breese. This smaller version is designed basically for portability, with the close-up/table performer in mind, however, it could still be used in a parlour or stage setting. Basically, anything which can be placed comfortably inside the box by a spectator (and then the lid closed) whilst the performer’s back is turned, can be instantly revealed by the performer, even from across a room.

It does everything the larger Cyclops Box does but obviously on a smaller scale. There are however, a few more advantages to this version. Besides the portability asset, this model has some extra features not incorporated into the larger version. Obviously, I cannot reveal them here; suffice to say they are ‘gold dust’ to a working performer. In this version for instance, the box can left in the spectator’s hands, before, during and after the effect, there is nothing to see.

The box is beautifully made in exotic wood, has mirrors on all sides, and is felt lined within. It looks just like a ladies jewellery box; in fact, that is how I introduce it. The box is merely introduced as a means to an end: somewhere to put your props and incidental in itself to the effect.

Myriad effects are possible, limited as they say, only by your imagination. Psychometry effects become a ‘breeze’ (pardon the pun!)  You can reveal playing cards/ESP cards in a logical and totally baffling manner. Drawing duplications are accomplished in the blink of an eye. Max Maven’s popular Kurotsuke’ effect is simplicity itself with this box – totally ‘hands-off’, cleaner than the Pope! How about 7 Keys to Baldpate  – again, ‘hands-off’. The mind boggles at the possibilities! I haven’t slept properly for months thinking about the routines and possibilities with this box and, I’m sure all those who purchase it, will have the same joyful dilemma!


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