The Mysterious Jug circa 1930: Floyd Thayer: rare!


Funny how life works out.  I looked  for the Thayer Mysterious jug for most of my collecting life. Even when I acquired what was left of Thayer Studios no Mysterious Jug. It was a mystery to me. I knew it existed just never saw one.  Just after my collection was picked up and taken to auction in August of 2018 the fabled Mysterious Jug lands in my lap.  Mint condition!   So this little gem that would have held a prize spot in my collection now goes to you. Rarer than hens teetth.  Circa 1930 and with little doubt turned by Floyd himself. It is a handsome version of the Imp Bottle effect. The turned wooden jug lays down for the magician, but not for the spectator. 3 ¼” high. Fine condition. Does not work like the normal imp bottle. WOW!

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