The Mystery of the Mummy or The Three Brothers: Francois Danis: scarce


I will put this man’s work up against anyone. He is a master builder of mini magic.  The props are stunning and the workmanship outstanding.

The effect is three mummies are shown in a Egyptian decorated beautiful box. The lower drawer is opened and a tablet is removed and the drawer closed. The spectator is asked to put one of the colored mummies into the sarcophagus, put the lid on and place the sarcophagus on the beautiful tablet and close the box.

The magician now tells them which color he chose.  When the  Sarcophagus is opened  to check the color the the mummy is gone.  The box is then opened and the magician seems to be correct as the chosen color of the mummy is missing.  The bottom drawer of the little chest is pulled out and the chosen mummy is found there.

Few made.  Excellent condition.

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