The Mystery of the Three Boxes: The Magic Company: Stunning!


Beautiful stunning props from Michael Baker’s The Magic Company. See description below.

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The magician introduces a tray displaying three boxes.  One box contains tea leaves, the other some fine silk and the third is empty. Also on display is a tall square tube. The magician borrows and has signed a bill form a member of the audience. This is placed into the third box. This box is a different color than the other two.

The boxes are dropped into the tube one at a time with the box containing the money going in last and on top of the stack. However, when the tube is lifted the money box is seen to be at the bottom of the stack! The procedure is repeated with the money box again finding its way to the bottom.  Now the magician places only the two identical boxes into the tube and placed the money box on the tray covering it with a small cloth. the box is them made to vanish and when the tube is lifted the box has reappeared between the other two!  It is opened and the bill identified and returned.

Look at the props!  They are gorgeous and the highest of quality. These sold out quickly from Michael (he only made a few) at $675 and in my opinion that was a bargain.  My guess is if he produces these again the price will go up. This one is new never used with instructions.  I should increase the price on this highly desirable prop but I will actually give a break from Michael’s price (why am i dong that?).  I would buy it now before I change my mind.

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