The Necklace by Max Krause


You are wearing a beautiful .sterling silver necklace. You show the necklace to contain a Chinese symbol.  You explain it is the work magic in Chinese.  You ask if they want to see a trick. They choose a card and you then tell them to look at the necklace. When they do it says turn over and when they do their card is engraved into the necklace!

Each necklace is .925 sterling silver.  Retailed for $225 in 2010 and long sold out.  Complete with everything you need including instructional dvd that turns this into a long remembered miracle! This is brand new never used!

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From the Magic Cafe:

Just receive your “NECKLACE” and we couldn’t be happier. As I said when we spoke via email, it was my intention of having my wife wear the necklace…this has worked out perfectly. Fabulous reveal of a card…they continued to talk about this one long into the night.

Killer effect…beautiful piece of jewelry…it’s with us all the time.

I got my necklace last week. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The routine is ridiculously easy to do. You can’t go wrong with this.



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