The Okito Bewitched Blocks Redux by George Lido and Stevens Magic


Okito came up with and published the idea of the bewitched blocks many years ago.  There are no copies that he actually built in existence.  Although very clever in its method the design had some drawbacks to overcome not the the  least of which is the hinged mechanism.

In 2014 master craftsman George Lido working with Stevens Magic came up with the definitive solution eliminating the drawbacks in performance. They called it Okito’s Bewitched Blocks Redux.

Here is the effect direct from the 2014 Stevens Catalog:

The performer shows a beautiful wood display stand holding a long, narrow box, a few small envelopes, and a pen. Nearby is a tray holding twenty-six alphabet blocks, which are casually shown to be at random. A spectator freely selects an eight-letter word from a list of over a hundred and writes it down on a card. The card is sealed in an opaque envelope which is theninitialed by the spectator, and placed on the display stand in full view of the audience. The performer now places eight alphabet blocks in the box, showing that they are at random. The box is placed on the stand, the envelope is opened to reveal the
word, and the box is opened to show that the blocks now spell the selected word!

The stand is finished in a deep cherry stain with brass feet and has an integral envelope holder and pen slot. It could sit proudly on your desk. The box and tray are finished in a matching stain. You also receive twenty-six alphabet blocks, a starter batch of envelopes and cards, and comprehensive illustrated instructions including two different methods. You provide a nice pen.

ONLY 12 WERE MADE and sold out quickly! This one is brand new never used.

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