The Okito No Tun Over Coin Box: nicely gimmicked


This is a very unusual set that allows you to do many of the Okito box moves without the turn over move! You received the following 1. A brass ring with a finely machined bottom flange or rim on one end.2. A brass plated heavy disk that fits into the ring to form the bottom of the box.  This looks perfect. 3. A brass lid which fits on #1 to complete the box.  The lid perfectly conceals a magnet.  Again the workmanship is excellent and this looks like a normal lid. The magnetic lid attracts the disc that forms the bottom of the box. Think of the possibilities! 4. An ungimmicked brass box which can be examined or used with the lid as well as a normal Okito box   Remember the lid you get (#3 above) contains a magnet so this lends possibilities to the to the ungimmicked box as well.

This comes with a small manuscript of how many of the Okito routines can be accomplished with this box with absolutely no suspicious moves what so ever.

I have bought the entire stock from the manufacturer’s estate so the only place you can get it is here. This were  produced in 1989. I could ask $60 for these but I have set a very attractive price passing my savings on to you.

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