The Pavilion Box by Martin Breese: long sold out


This is perfect for the magic room or any room in your house.  You are constantly waiting to ambush an unsuspecting guest.  This is a small music box (about 6 by 4 by 3 inches) that plays when opened and shuts off when closed. That is the premise.  You actually have total control over when the music plays.  Think about it, you control the music anytime you wish coming from the small little box.  The kicker is when the box is examined it is found to contain no music capabilities at all.  It is a plain little box with no explanation of how the box played the music!  This is electronic.

Read the review from MagicScene magazine below.  Tested and functioning perfectly.  You will love this!  Buy it before I decide to keep it. It is that good.

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Some effects are more than just great magic tricks and are destined to be collector’s items. Martin Breese’s ‘The Pavilion Music Box’ is surely one of those items.
In fact, when Martin offered 10 Pavilion Boxes to various magic dealers to sell on, three of them decided to keep theirs for themselves they like it so much.

The basic effect, quite simply, is that of a music box that plays on demand. Martin offers, in the instructions supplied, a story based around Henry from the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. This can obviously be changed accordingly to suit your own needs.

The Pavilion Music Box, ideally, needs to be set up in one particular place due to the nature of the method. I guess with a little thought this could be adapted to work in a close up situation whilst working tables.

Each box is beautifully made from olive wood, in Morroco, and stands up to full examination from spectators. Some of the boxes come with a flat lid, others with a domed lid. The best thing would be to contact Martin first if you require one particular style or the other. If I have one criticism, it’s that the box I have looks too new. That may sound a little daft, but given the fact that the box is meant to be old it could look slightly more aged.

This aside, The Pavilion Music Box, if presented properly, is a good solid piece of theatrical magic. If you are a good story teller this could be turned into something truly magical. The price may put off many, and granted, it will not suit everyone’s taste. Having said that I understand that as soon as Martin has them back in stock he seems to sell out almost immediately. I think that speaks for itself.

If you are a collector or just enjoy something slightly different then get your hands on The Pavilion Music Box while you still can. PS

What’s Hot: Good solid magic prop that is sure to become a collector’s item

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