The Phoenix Cups and Balls with Presentation Case


The Phoenix Cups and Balls with case

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Presentation set of Tom Frank designed copper, cups, balls, wand and presentation case.

A handcrafted cups and balls boxed magic set created by sidewalk magician Tom Frank. This presentation and worker’s set includes a solid wood velvet lined box, three copper cups designed for street use, an ironwood wand, and four cloth white balls covered with red netting. The open, web-knitting helps minimize ball roll. Legend has it, that Merlin’s wand was made of iron wood. The included wand is also made of iron wood, and it provides a distinctive bell sound when you strike a cup with it. The wooden box is designed with dovetailed corners, a leather handle and two metal latches.

The Cups are made from a thick,strong copper alloy, and are crafted using the Charlie Miller/Ross Bertram type design.  See the photos for an understanding of the beautiful patina that these cups acquire over time and use. Yes, you could use polish (and elbow grease), clean them up, and turn them into ‘bright as a new penny’ condition. But that is just a warning to everyone, that you don’t use these cups. Display these cups in their full aged patina with pride. They are gorgeous.

Condition:  This is a vintage used item. The box has one small chip to the edge in the top left corner. Otherwise this set is in very good condition.

Tom Frank, a student of Cellini, claims that as a “…*side walk magician from New Orleans I travel up and down side walks all over the world performing my show for what ever people feel they should pay me. My show is fast movin, fast hands, fast talkin, bits of funny business and old time amusements. I’m also a writer and lover of music*.   As an accomplished, near legendary street/sidewalk magician, performing the cups and balls literally every day to make a living, Tom Frank knows a thing or two about designing “worker’s cups”; cups that stand up to use, and have that perfect sound when they are tapped with the included ironwood wand.


Presentation/Travel Case:  14.0″ W x 4.0″ H x 6.0″

Cups:  Height: 3″  Mouth: 3 3/8″  Base/Top: 2 1/8″

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