The Question Is by Alan Warner


Another in the line of Alan Warner’s wonderful teak collection of mini magic props!  See below for description. As new.

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The performer begins by laying out four wooden tablets face down, along with a closed Teak wood box. It is explained that each tablet is engraved with a similar symbol, although the colors of each symbol differ. One of the tablets is freely selected by a spectator ( it truly is a free choice)  and is placed next to the closed box tablet still face down, The box is opened and the interior displayed. It is seen to contain one single colored spot. “The Question Is”, states the performer. “what connection is there between the chosen tablet and the spot”.  The tablet is turned over and the color matches the spot!  Now is this a bit of magic or are all the tablets the same color?  All of the tablets are turned over by the spectator and they are al indeed different colors!

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