The Streets of Peking: Eric Lewis/Paul Lembo


Stunning prop based upon an Eric Lewis idea. Only 6 were made.

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Let’s start by saying this prop is visually stunning.  It is outstandingly decorated from any side or angle.  The panels are decorated inside and out.

The effect is three different colored ribbons are shown to be hanging on a pole. The pole is placed  inside a large frame between two beautiful panels.  The ribbons are removed and the panels put in place.the ribbons are then vanished.  When the front panel is removed the ribbons have found there way back to the frame!

This is a large piece. It is approximately 52 inches tali and 32 inches wide. It’s size is part of what makes it visually striking.  There is a lot of mechanical workmanship going on behind he scenes.  Comes complete with all accessories. Only 6 were made and therer will be no more. Outstanding craftsmanship from Paul Lembo who was called “one of today’s master craftsman”  Doc Albo. Your chance to own one of the six.

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