The Talisman by Alan Warner


An unmarked wooden talisman is placed into a Pharaoh’s Pyx, the contents of which is protected by a Sacred Falcon.

Three black tablets each bearing an Anka , the Egyptian Symbol of life are introduced. Each Gylph is colored red, green and blue respectively. The tablets are turned down and mixed. A spectator is asked to select one of the tablets which is turned over. Its color enables the magician to give a brief reading as to it’s immediate effect on the spectator’s future.  The tablet is then turned face down and mixed with the others.

The spectator is asked to select one of the tablets, but this time its purpose is to see if the Pharaoh’s god will bestow it positive forces on the sitter. The tablet is turned over and its color noted. Now the spectator is asked to tip out the talisman which had been guarded by the Egyptian god Horus. Instead of the black talisman, he finds it embossed with the mysterious symbol of the Anka in the color chosen by the spectator!  “Goodness will follow you for the remainder of this year my friend. The gods have spoken!

Beautiful props in as new condition.

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