The Trabucco Holdout from Elmwood Magic: NLM


New in the original box. No longer available. When available it retailed for $125.

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From the original ad:

The TRABUCCO HOLDOUT is unlike any traditional holdout available. There is no lengthy learning curve in mastering the TRABUCCO HOLDOUT…most magicians will be using it within minutes of setting it up. More importantly, this powerful yet simple tool, works from each hand and uses only the most natural of gestures.

Once mastered, it can be used at any moment. Your audience will be stunned as coins vanish, appear, and change at your fingertips. Your hands can be shown empty before, during, and after each routine and there are no bad angles. But it doesn’t end there…

The TRABUCCO HOLDOUT can be used for a wide variety of effects and items. From the kit you’ll discover the secrets to:

A two-coin transposition that is so clean it’s scary
A visual nail bend in which the spectator can even keep the nail
A matchbook will vanish in a misty haze of smoke
A solid nut will join back on to a bolt under the most impossible of conditions
And MUCH More
The kit includes: 2 Trabucco Holdouts – one for each side of your body, an instructional DVD in which Victor himself teaches each routine in detail, Victor also covers the complete installation of the holdout as well as how to apply the holdout to everything from silk effects to mentalism, you’ll also receive all of the necessary component parts to begin using your holdout from the minute you’ve installed it.

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