The Ultimate Nervous Breakdown by Dominique Duvivier


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An outstanding Mentalism Trick, Easy to do !

Let’s imagine: you display a wallet, in which everybody can see that on one side are four cards face down (the four Aces); you say that one of them is face up, and is placed in between the other three face down. That Ace will be the one that is going to be thought by the spectator!
On the other side of the wallet, there is only one face down card, which is a prediction: it is a Queen.

The spectator is asked to freely think of one of the suits : Spades, Hearts, Clubs or Diamonds.
No force, no magician choice. The spectator has complete freedom.
In spite of these conditions, you say that you had planned everything beforehand, and you are going to prove it:
– The face-up Ace is the one thought by the spectator!
– The back of that Ace has a different color!
– The prediction card (the Queen) has the same suit than the thought Ace. For example, if the spectator had mentally chosen the Ace of Clubs, the prediction card is the Queen of Clubs !
– And icing on the cake, when you turn face up what is supposed to be the three other Aces, you have the three other Queens, showing now a four of a kind ; the card thought by the spectator is the only one left, with the four queens !
So what are the differences with the standard version of the trick, “Nervous Breakdown 2.0”?
– This “Ultimate” version allows you to handle all the cards for examination at the end of the trick.
– We supply you with a wonderful high-quality leather wallet.
– The suit of the prediction card always matches exactly with the suit of the thought card. For example, if the Ace of Diamonds is thought, the prediction card will be the Queen of Diamonds. It would be the same for three other suits: Spades, Hearts or Clubs!
– We supply you with two routines: the one described above (which in fact is one card thought among four). With the second routine, the spectator thinks that his choice is done among the 52 cards of the deck!

– The trick is completely automatic. Easy to do!
– The card is completely freely thought. No force, no magician choice.
– All the cards are handled for examination at the end of the trick (no exchange).
We supply you with:
– A wonderful high-quality leather wallet.
– The additional cards in Bicycle quality.
– Video link with detailed explanations for two routines.

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