The Upton Smith Rising Cards


Complete with original case, video and all accessories. Very nicely made.  For the effect see below.

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Effect: A pack of playing cards is shuffled freely by a spectator. The pack may even be borrowed. The performer takes the pack and has one or several people freely choose cards. Once the cards are seen and remembered by the participants, they are returned to the pack. A wooden houlette or holder is given out for examination. The holder is nothing more than it seems, several pieces of wood glued together to form a frame that holds the cards. It is completely un-gimmicked. Next, two small panes of glass are handed out for examination. These also are just what they seem to be, and are completely free of guile.

The performer slips the cards into the holder, and then places a pane of glass into the frame, one on each side of the pack of cards, front and back. The performer exhibits the framed cards on all sides, and then places the frame on his outstretched right hand. Making a magical gesture with his left hand over top of the cards, the performer causes one chosen card at a time to rise from the middle of the pack until all have been revealed. He may stop cards rising half way out of the pack, and then continue their rising. He may also partially disassemble the holder, removing the cards and glass panes from the wooden frame while a chosen card has partially risen from the pack, reassemble the prop and then the card continues to rise.

At the end the entire works are given to the audience to examine, and no clue as to the working of the effect can be found.

History: This is based upon an effect marketed in the 1920’s and 30’s, called The Upton Rising Cards. The original effect was made of metal and glass, and had a metal hook underneath which was clipped in the fingers of the Performers hand. This current model is made of fine wood, and has several improvements over the original model. The late Harry Smith of Toronto was the originator of this particular version of the Upton Rising Cards, and it was he who taught me the secrets of making this effect.

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