The Wizard’s Manual by Docc Hilford

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The effect is straight forward. A subject is given a sealed envelope. She looks through a novel and reads and remembers a few lines on a selected page. She keeps the page numbers in mind. The subject holds the book herself and never let’s go of it.
The mentalist uses apparent psychic powers to reveal the words thought of by the subject.
That sounds like most book tests. So, what’s the difference?
The mentalist explains that she didn’t look at a page, but rather he put the thought in her mind. She opens the book and the page she selected has been torn out!
She searches through the book, but nothing gives a clue to how the page was never there!
In the envelope is the actual torn page from the book.
Nothing is ever added or removed from the book.
No sticky stuff or misprinted page numbers.
This is completely self-contained.

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