Thomas Pohle Norman Die and Silk Transpo: Scarce


IF you are a Thomas Pohle fan you might want to keep reading.  It is  scarce and i don’t think you will find one elsewhere.

It is the transportation of a silk and a die.  I will be showing a video of one created after this one.  Again this effect is scarce, very few ever made.. This one was sold through Eckhard Boettcher of Germany many years ago.

A die on a stand is covered by an open framework.  A cover is placed over the die and frame. A silk is placed into an empty box and and the lid is put on. In a snap the the cover is removed from the die and it has vanished and in its place in the framework is a silk.. The box is opened that contained a silk and the die is dumped out.

These are to be worked together. Phase one of the effect in the video above. For phase two click here

Excellent condition.  Use your own silk.

Out of stock

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