Thomas Pohle’s A IS FOR AMAZON- (AKA, My First Trick)


One of Pohle’s most ingenious effects. A version of the old Grant’s Pyramid effect.;

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A great comedy version of UF Grant’s classic The Mystery of The Pyramids, made in micro size by Germany’s master craftsman,

Thomas Pohle.

You tell the audience you want to show them the first trick you ever created as a baby.  Something you learned while in the crib, playing with your toys.

Displaying a stack of “baby blocks” decorated with colorful letters and shapes, you stack them with the largest block on the bottom and the smallest on top.

Cover the stack with a wooden tube and turn it over completely.  Yet, when you uncover the blocks, they are still in the same order!  You would amaze

your other baby friends and siblings.  And you made your parents proud.

The blocks may be shown separate.  The effect can be repeated.

For the surprise ending, you mention that this skill came in handy a little later in life when your once proud parents finally had enough of the magic and made you get your first warehouse job.

Lifting the tube for the last time, the baby blocks have now transformed into a stack of brown packages—with a comical version of a famous trademark logo most people will recognize!

It’s magical.  It’s surprising.  An offbeat routine that hopefully you’ll enjoy performing.

Mint condition.

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