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 A terrific version of Eric Lewis’ classic Curious Cubes now in micro size!

Perfectly crafted by Thomas Pohle and featuring a stunning cabinet that will look great in any display of micro magic apparatus.

This version includes a number of design improvements, most notably you can now reveal two chosen cards….one selected from a deck and the other freely named!

The routine is a baffler.

A beautiful little cabinet (about the size of a deck of cards!) is opened to display twelve small blocks which have images of pips or blank white sides.  The blocks are dumped out and the cabinet is clearly empty.

A deck of cards is displayed and shown to be thoroughly mixed. It’s ribbon spread on the table and spectator number one is asked to simply touch any card, which is removed from the spread and shown to them. They are asked to remember their card and keep it secret for now.

The performer states that someone might think he manipulated the spectator into choosing that first card, so to make the process even more fair, a second spectator is told to simply name any non-court card. They do so and that is card number two.

The performer again displays the empty cabinet and the twelve small blocks which he claims have curious properties.  To demonstrate, the performer opens one door of the cabinet, picks up the blocks and drops them inside in a completely random order.  The door is then closed and the cabinet shown all around.

Now–the performer tell the audience to witness the amazing properties of the curious cubes.

The door of the cabinet is opened to show the cubes still stacked in a completely random order….some pips sideways, some upside down, some blank sides showing, etc.


The door is closed and immediately reopened, and now the cubes have magically rearranged inside the thin cabinet to display the value of a playing card…..the one freely named by the second spectator!  This looks amazing, as the cubes are immediately dumped from the otherwise empty cabinet.

But it gets even better.  Stating that the spectators might think the performer had done something sneaky when placing the cubes into the cabinet, this time he opens one of the doors and allows the spectator to randomly place the cubes inside!  They do so, picking up cubes and dropping them into the cabinet.

Once again the cabinet is shown all around.  The door opened showing the cubes in a mixed up jumble.

For the first time ever, spectator number one is asked to reveal the identity of the card they chose from the deck at the start of the routine.  They name it.

The door of the cabinet is closed and immediately reopened. And once again the cubes inside magically reassemble to display the image of the first chosen card!

The cubes are one again dumped from the cabinet which is seen completely empty.  A strong finish to a great routine.

Thomas has improved the mechanics to make operation very simple. A slight squeeze on the top and the blocks may be shown inside in one orientation.  Release and the gaff vanishes. It happens automatically.  It’s a brilliant design.

The look of the cabinet is absolutely stunning.  The rich wine color laminate with black/gold trim has the four playing card suits “etched” in white into the front and back doors.

It’s a beautiful piece of micro magic that you will perform and fool with.

BONUS:  a brand new Mastermind Deck by Chris Kenworthey will be included at no extra charge.  This ingenious deck retails alone at $32.00.  The card will match the gaff of your Curious Cubes cabinet.

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