Thomas Pohle’s Mini Cube Libra: #6 of 12: the finest mini Cube Libra ever made!


Thomas first produced a Cube Libra for a high end magic set from Germany many years go. That indeed is a rare piece.

With this version made in 2018, Thomas says he feels he has made the finest Mini Cube Libra ever built.  I would tend to agree!

The operation is smooth as silk. The aesthetics could not be better. This is a beautiful prop to look at.  Its protective case gives it an air of sophistication.  The shells have been made of a stronger better functioning material.  Thomas says it takes just over an hour to make each cube and/or shell.  That means bout 24 hours of nonstop labor went into each one he produced.  He has knocked it out of the park with this one!

This is number 6 of 12 and includes a certificate signed by Thomas. These sold out to regular Pohle collectors in less than a week. With this you  can perform the regular Conradi effect which we will include.  Thomas did not make specific instructions for this set.

If you want the finest prop Thomas Pohle has produced to date, I believe this is it. This is brand new. I purchased it 2 years ago when it was first introduced. I have never removed it from the box until now to photograph it.

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