Triple Impalement: Ed Ralston: Rare: an incredible find!


Ed Ralston was an artisan magic maker from New Jersey, known as one of the finest makers of molded plastic items. He invented several brass effects that were then manufactured and sold by Okito. Most notably, he invented the Vanishing Lifesavers effect.

This is one of Ed’s master effects.  IT is virtually impossible to find.  The effect is straightforward and an extreme “fooler”.

Three packs of cigarettes are shown and examined. A small box is shown and both doors opened to view completely through. The rear door is closed and the cigarette packs are loaded are loaded into the empty box. The door is now closed (it also can be left opened and packages in full view if you  prefer!) and an un-gimmicked butter knife is inserted through slots in the side of the cabinet completely piercing the cigarette packs!  It is removed and the packs dumped out the the box unharmed!

This is one of those effects as a collector that you will be thrilled to own. It is very rare, extremely well built, extremely clever and one you can actually perform.  If I were still collecting I would never let it go. Mint condition with original instructions.


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