Twin Dove Production Circus Wagon: Ed Mcdonald: Beautiful

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You probably noticed the similarity between this and the Sheppard circus wagon also on the site.

These are not the same effect but the appearance is no coincidence. Ed McDonald is a master Craftsman who apprenticed under Walter Shepard. A portion of the Sheppard Props out there were built partly if not entirely by Ed. Those of us in Southwest Ohio now Ed well. He is the best kept secret in magic craftsmanship. Ed builds one of usually for his own use and none of his props have been mass produced. This is one of a kind.


This is not a balloon to rabbit but a circus wagon that visibly produces two doves. IT works on the same principle as a dove tray. You can have an assistant trip the switch or use the wand to activate it yourself.  It is a beauty and has never been used.


16x13x10 inches with the same body as the Sheppard circus wagon.

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