Vanishing and Re-Appearing Clock: circa 1920-1930

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This is an early one dating from approximately 1925 (easily dated by the model of the clock).  It is the vanishing and re-appearing alarm clock. The ringing mechanism works n the stand and the bell.  The clock vanishing ringing and appears ringing.  When the clock flips around it trips the alarm lever on the clock as it appears. The board will flip with some encouragement.  There is a tension adjustment on the bottom of the stand which needs cranked up. I never wanted to try that as I was afraid i would break the spring,  This has been on display in my collection for 25 years. Time to pass it on. The clock stand is 20 inches high  and the clock board is 11.5 by 14.5 inches. From the stand it may be Hornman but that is just a guess. No cloth included.

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