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Props of the highest quality.  Comes in original case. See description below.

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Vienna Magic REANIMATED – (rare) wonderful piece of micro magic that is long unavailable.  Performer tells the story of a Chinese salesman named Hing-Fong that by mistake was accused of having stolen some gold coins.  Hing-Fong was fated to die and as usual in these times was beheaded.  They put his body inside a death-barrel and buried his head somewhere else, because according to an old Chinese legend this action would make him a restless spirit, cursed to wander on earth for eternity.  A few days later an old and very wise sorcerer came to town and discovered that Hing-Fong indeed had been innocent so used magic to restore his life.

This is a great improvement of a classic effect which has been made by many over the years including UF Grant and Eddy Taytelbaum, in which a rod jumps from inside a barrel and lands on the edge.  In this case, it’s a figure of a Chinese man.  During the routine the head of the figure is removed and vanished.  The body is placed inside a wooden barrel.  A guilty verdict written on a piece of paper is folded and placed into another wooden container which is shown empty.  In the end, this container is opened and the head of the man is found along with the paper that now reads innocent.  The head is dropped on top of the barrel and the body instantly pops out and joins the head to stand on top of the barrel’s edge.  This looks great and will startle those not expecting it.

Props include the very well made barrel, wooden chamber, Chinese figure, paper slips for the verdicts, decorative chest to hold everything, and a copy of the original German instructions only.  A brief explanation of the basic working will be included.  Mint condition.

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