Vintage German Prediction Box: very rare!


Once in a while you run across something that is really exceptional that you never knew existed. I am so impressed by this effect that I put it on the shelf for a month trying to decide if I wanted to keep it (as most of you know, I am auctioning my personal magic collection through Potter and Potter).  Deciding that was irrational I am listing it today.  It should not last long if quality and uniqueness counts for anything collecting.

The box is first examined by the spectator (no fear of detection so let them look).  The spectator finds three dials in the box that can be set to different numbers. The spectator sets the dials and closes the lid. He than places a nail through the hasp locking the lid down. This innocent and logical step sets the device in active mode!  The magician is then able to determine the three numbers without opening the box. Yes it is a light box gimmick but what a gimmick and what an innocent appearing box. It can be handled freely until the nail is inserted into the hasp This pushes a button in which activates the device!

I have taken the unusual step of photographing the gimmick interior (it can be removed to replace batteries which are AA). Pushing on the center of the bottom of the box lights the numbers!  This thing is really cool

It was made by Wilhelm Von Sury, Grunantrassel, ch-945- Rebstein, Germany.  WOW!

The wood craftsmanship is very nice as well.  Don’t know this guy but he was an exceptional builder. I am guessing on the age but I would say 50-60 years old.  The box is 5.75×2.5×2.75 inches. Functions perfectly. Piano hinged lid: again quality!

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