Vintage Lot of great close up effects: Walt’s Nuts, Kovari Stretched Half Dollar, Ringo by Walt Rollins, Impaled Tannen’s, Coin tube Tricks Magic

Winning Bid: $70.00

Don’t just gloss over these. Although I listed them together almost every one could have stood alone. 1. Walt’s Nuts- three different colored bolts and shown with nuts threaded one. The spectator chooses a color and the bolts are placed in a match box. When opened the chosen colored bolt ‘s nut is now off the bolt!  I did not believe it would work until I tried it!.  2. Walt Rollins’ Ringo-same guy who invented to 1st trick. A very nice ring off rope with multiple phases the final being the ring vanishing from the box an reappearing elsewhere.3. Kovari’s stretched half -only week one in the group.  A Kennedy half stretches out and back again.  Not much 5. Tricks company produced this scarce effect from Yonezo Mikame where coins placed in a tube penetrate a card placed beneath the tube.  Made of metal.6. The brass nut trick is like the Brema nut (large version ) where a nut penetrates a rope. Nicely made but not certain of the manufacturer. 7. Impaled- I love this one. A signed chosen card is impaled upon a nail that has been driven thorough a block of wood on the nail head side of the wood! from Early Tannen’s.  Everything with instructions except the brass nuts.

Estimate $100-200

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