Vintage Magic Show Pistol by Magic Hands of Germany: Mint!

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This is a mint condition effect from the Doc Mossey Collection.  It is an obscure effect from The Magic Hands circa 1980.. It involves a dart gun, target and the selection of a card. The card is selected and random cards placed on a round spinning target and the chosen card is pined to the target with a small dart form a dart gun.  theer is also and effect given where you catch a marked dart between your teeth after it breaks a balloon held in front of your face.! l although the method seems infallible i would not try that one. This is obviously an obscure magic collectible effect that will appeal to the collator or the Magic Hands Collector.  Unlikely to se another..  It is as new. target is 15 inches

Estimate $200-300

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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  • Performer has spectator select a single card from a deck.
  • Card is lost in the deck and a large number of cards are placed on (stuck to) a wheel that is suspended on a stand.
  • An air/dart pistol is displayed, and a dart is selected, marked, and placed into the gun by the spectator.
  • The wheel is the spun around and the dart gun is fired at the spinning cards on the wheel.
  • Upon examination, the dart is the stuck into the spectators selected card!


  • Wheel is then turned around and the audience can see that all the cards are different!
  • Bullet catch of the dart in the teeth.
  • Again, Spectator selects and marks the dart and places into the gun. Performer blows up the balloon and holds it in front of his face.
  • Spectator fires the gun, the balloon pops and the performer is now seen with the exact same dart caught in his teeth!

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