Vintage the Treasure Chest: Coin in Nest of Boxes


This is a wonderful effect.  A marked coin is vanished.  A treasure chest shown and it is opened to reveal another smaller chest. It is opened to reveal the contents as a box of beans.  There is a small blue ball there in the beans. It is pulled and it is connected to a chain.  At the end of the chain is a small red box wrapped in rubber bands.  The bands are removed and the marked coin is inside!

This is wonderfully made. I love its size (outer box is 5 1/b by 5 by 4 3/4 inches). It is so well made that the gaffs are literally invisible.  I have shot this in sequence so take a good look at the props.  They are designed to fool as the open door of the larger chest hides the gimmick as you remove the smaller box. You are then home free!  All seems very above board with no suspicious moves.  You can load the chest  from a hat , box, bag etc. or just load it right in front of them!.

This is from the Ken Klosterman collection and bears his hallmark.  It is vintage likely 1955-1965.  It is a great piece of magic!  No instructions but I will write something up.



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