Wayne Dobson’s Smash and Stab from Colin Rose’s 5 of Hearts Magic


OK if you can’t see well don’t buy this. If you are an idiot don’t buy this. If you are under 18 don’t buy this.

It is about as fail proof as you can get as all you need to be able to do is see well.  No magnets or any of that crap to go wrong.  Four disc of wood are shown and one of them has a gleaming metal spike in it.  Five  Styrofoam cups are placed over each disk by the spectator with the magician’s back turned.  Four number cards are mixed and the words smash and stab spelled out. That matches a number.  The magician proceeds  to smash each cup leaving only one, the the cup that matches the number card.  It contains the spike.

A number of routines are given, this is just the basic.  new.

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