Wellington’s Guardian of the Grave: no longer available


This is the second issue in Wellington’s Signature Series of Handcrafted Miracles. It  is truly a  deluxe version of Mark Setteducati’s Guardian of the Grave. It has many enhancements including improved electronic circuitry and highest of quality props made from walnut, birch  and crystal clear acrylic.

Nine gravestone cards are randomly mixed and the spectator chooses one (no Force)  and initials the back.  The cards are then laid out to form a graveyard. The spectator chooses which to start the “Guardian” by placing him on one of the tombstones.  The spirit of the Guardian speaks from the coffin telling the spectator how many spaces to move the Guardian (free choice of direction by the spectator). This is repeated multiple times. In the end one tombstone is left. When turned over it is the spectator’s chosen tombstone. Can be immediately repeated with different results. The trick is self contained, nothing is added or taken away.

Excellent condition and long unavailable. Comes with an extra set of tombstone cards (which was a $15 additional cost) and complete instructions.


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