Winner Take All Charles Gauci’s: no longer available


The performer shows three velvet bags, three balls (2 gold and 1 black) and three cards (numbered 1, 2, 3). Three spectators each take a bag and secretly trade balls. The balls are placed back into the bags and, while the performer’s back is turned, the spectators note which bag has the black ball. Now, the bags are placed behind the three numbered cards and the performer brings out three bills, a $10, $20 and a $50. The game allows a spectator to place a bill on whichever bag he chooses. If the performer is wrong about the whereabouts of the black ball, the spectator gets to keep the money! But, with 100% accuracy, the performer is able to pick which bag contains the black ball. Can be repeated immediately. Can be performed on stage, table hopping and completely surrounded. No suspicious moves whatsoever. Very, very clean! Comes with 3 bags, 3 balls, gimmick and dvd instructions. This is brand new never opened. Sold for $100 in 2009..

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